Headrest DVD Player Reviews 2012

A car headrest DVD player is mounted on the back of the headrest portion of a car’s seat in order to provide entertainment to passengers during a particularly long drive. The design of the headrest DVD players is such that they allow the passengers to enjoy movies, music and even games without taking up extra space. In addition to the utility, they also make a car look smarter from the inside and increase its decor value.

Please read the reviews of the best headrest dvd player models available today:

Power Acoustik HDVD-9BG Universal Headrest Monitors Totally independent DVD players, stylish touchscreens, good audio/video performance and premium build quality are the highlights of the Power Acoustik HDVD-9BG. While there are cheaper alternatives out there, keep in mind that they simply can’t match the HDVD-9BG in style, performance or features. If you opt for this, then you may end up thinking that you have probably paid less for all that it offers. Read full review
Swari HRTV7G Headrest DVD Player With Games If you do not have a particularly big budget for a new car headrest DVD player, then the Swari HRTV7G is certainly a good option. Not only does it manage to offer you handy features like watching two different programs at the same time on its twin screens and detailed audio and video customization, it also looks and feels solid. Just ignore the occasional audio-interference issues and you will have little to complain about, especially at this price. Read full review
Philips PD9016/37 Portable LCD Dual DVD player The picture quality on the Philips PD9016/37 is brilliant and it allows you to avoid jumbled up cable situations with its single cable connectivity if you are okay with a slightly depreciated picture on the second unit. It also offers easy installation, independent viewing and decent sound options, but better connectivity choices were expected from Philips. If you are comfortable without a remote, at this price the PD9016/37 is certainly a good buy in spite of its minor shortcomings. Read full review
Pyle PL71PHB Headrest Pair with Built-in 7-Inch TFT-LCD Monitors The two displays are perfect if you already have a car DVD player because they provide crisp pictures and look solid as well. It isn’t an ideal choice for someone who is also expecting the headrests to serve their basic purpose of supporting heads properly as they sway too easily for that, but apart from this, there isn’t too much for anyone to complain about the cheap yet impressive Pyle PL71PHB car headrest displays. Read full review
Concept CLD-700 7-Inch Chameleon Headrest Monitor with Built-in DVD Player This is one of those “value for money” products that also looks and feels good. The Concept CLD-700 provides crisp pictures, wide connectivity options and protects itself from thieves through effective camouflaging. The sound might just be a little weak and more so in certain units than on others, but that’s certainly not a deal-breaker. Considering the price and the performance of the CLD-700, it is safe to recommend it to almost anyone.
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There are several manufacturers that make car entertainment DVD players and depending on the company, price and design of the product, they vary from each other. All types of car DVD players however, have an attached display monitor thus eliminating the need for an external screen. Although the most popular and common type of car DVD players are the ones which are mounted on to the back of the front seats, commonly known as car headrest DVD players, there are also other types. An overhead car DVD player can be pulled down from its original folded position to the viewer’s eye level at the press of a button, while some of the monitors are fixed up front in-dash. Depending on the size of the screen and the aspect ratio (which is usually 16:9 nowadays), the DVD players have rectangular screens with varying layout for the buttons. Some of them even have GPS capabilities for navigational assistance. Apart from the obvious DVD playing capability of the car entertainment system, the newer models may also have support for popular gaming consoles which allows the users to use the DVD player’s screen for playing the attached console’s games on them. Other connectivity options usually include USB ports, 3.5 mm jacks for headphones, Bluetooth, HDMI and AV cable ports. Dual-zone ability is included as well in most recent models since it allows the driver of the car to listen to media of his/her choice without interrupting any media that the passengers might be watching at the back.

While choosing a headrest DVD player for your car, it is important that you make a list of your requirements and features that you want as that will help you to choose the appropriate DVD player without spending unnecessary money on the most expensive model.